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Short Sales & Foreclosures in Miami-Dade County

By 2013, distressed homes accounted for 14% of all sales nationally.  In 2012, they were at 22%.  Most people understand foreclosures come about when the owner no longer makes payments on their mortgage.  At this point, the bank works to take back ownership of the property and then sells it off.  Short sales are different because the owner and the bank work together to sell the property prior to the home going into foreclosure.  Why is it ca...

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Brickell Key

Brickell Key is an artificial triangular island at the mouth of the Miami River. Brickell Key is occasionally referred to as “Claughton Island”, in honor of Edward Claughton who purchased the land that forms Brickell Key today. Brickell Key real estate can be traced to 1896, when Henry Flagler had a 9-foot deep channel dug from the mouth of the Miami River. In the process, Mr. Flagler created an off-shore property composed of two small island...

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Gables by the Sea

This waterfront community located in Coral Gables revolves around the sea, where you can go sailing, scuba diving, water skiing, boating, and deep-sea fishing. Access to the community is through a 24 hour manned guard gate. There are cameras installed in both the North and South entrances. There is also a neighborhood crime watch responsible for safety and any issues regarding the community. The neighborhood crime watch are members of the ass...

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Cocoplum & Tahiti Beach Amenities

The islands of Cocoplum are an exclusive one-of-a-kind place to live in Coral Gables and offer many exciting recreational activities for the residents. The clubhouse facility is located next to the pool and divided into 2 areas. Upstairs in the clubhouse, residents can lounge at the bar, outside terrace or have an event in the meeting room. Downstairs is a more casual setting, which includes a fitness room and outside patio leading to the pool...

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